Sort array of objects by one property

 Use usort, here's an example adapted from the manual:

function cmp($a, $b) {
    return strcmp($a->name, $b->name);

usort($your_data, "cmp");

You can also use any callable as the second argument. Here are some examples:

  • Using anonymous functions (from PHP 5.3)

      usort($your_data, function($a, $b) {return strcmp($a->name, $b->name);});
  • From inside a class

      usort($your_data, array($this, "cmp")); // "cmp" should be a method in the class
  • Using arrow functions (from PHP 7.4)

      usort($your_data, fn($a, $b) => strcmp($a->name, $b->name));

Also, if you're comparing numeric values, fn($a, $b) => $a->count - $b->count as the "compare" function should do the trick, or, if you want yet another way of doing the same thing, starting from PHP 7 you can use the Spaceship operator, like this: fn($a, $b) => $a->count <=> $b->count.

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